We at Darby Electric Service are no strangers to the commercial office environment. With a high level of experience in General Office space our un-paralleled understanding of this environment proves to be an invaluable asset to our client base. Whether it is the open office style, with exposed ceiling and pipe work or the traditional closed office design Darby Electric Service has the ability to provide the required competency in these environments.

Our experience reaches beyond the general office environments; we are well tooled and versed in Large Amperage Power Distribution systems, Bus Ducts, and New Service from the utility companies.


One of Darby Electrics proficiency’s is the retail market. With our in-depth knowledge of unique lighting, lighting controls, attention to detail, aggressive schedules and the ability to think out of the box coupled with our “can do” attitude will ensure any project will meet and or exceed our client’s needs. We have the experience in Managing and Building Projects ranging from small kiosks to full flagship store build outs.

We understand the challenges of the retail environment, the demand for quality and changing specifications. We understand the economics concerns and the demands of the end user.



We offer contract management to fit your needs. All projects are assigned a project manager who is supported by our managerial and operations staff. The project manager maintains close contact and communication with you until the project is completed to your satisfaction. We make extensive use of our computer capabilities to insure competitive pricing, efficient scheduling, change order management, cost control and quality control. Our managers have the following characteristics acquired from college education, construction experience, and continuing education:

Business Expertise
Technical Expertise
Effective Communications Skills
Project Scheduling



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