Must Have Skills For React Native Developer

However, the developers are pleased with what it can offer, and they’re certain it has the capacity to meet their needs as the marketplace grows. After shifting to React Native, the performance of both iOS and Android apps improved immensely – to a nearly native-level. Ninety-five percent of the codebase is shared for Android and iOS; furthermore, there’s a single team that manages and develops both apps.

Developers can build native apps for any OS using React and JavaScript and then share them across platforms. Working with React Native can dramatically shrink the resources required to build mobile applications. Any developer who knows how to write React code can now target the Web, iOS, and Android, all with the same skillset.

What is a React Native Developer

How much you can expect to pay the React Native developers you ultimately end up hiring depends on a number of variables. This help candidates understand our project management process and how we manage teams and individuals. Ideally the answers to these questions would automatically be fed into your applicant tracking system where you could quickly review the answers and qualify or disqualify candidates. We’re a medium-sized team that’s growing fast, so everyone that joins has a direct impact on the direction and success of the company.


In terms of performance, it’s slower than React Native as it uses WebView, but the good news is, you can test the code on any browser. While React Native has been around for several years now, some custom modules either leave room for improvement or are entirely missing. This means that you might need to run three separate codebases instead of just one. The implementation of the prototype in iOS took ten days, and for Android – an additional two days. The engineers estimated that they were able to save over a week of standard implementation time.

What is a React Native Developer

The idea seemed impossible, but in 2011 his team released the ReactJS library on the basis of JavaScript and XHP symbiosis. Then Facebook realized that ReactJS was working faster than any other implementation of its kind. In 2013, Facebook released React as an open-source JavaScript tool.

What Skills Should You Test While Hiring a React Native Developer?

A lot of the high level stuff you’ll already know from learning React. There are some syntax differences but the way you reason about code is exactly the same. What you’re really learning is how to work with the native platforms.

That’s probably your cue to “eject” from Expo and manage the project files and build process yourself. Ionic and Cordova are some of the other frameworks which are used for similar purposes. These are created with standard Web innovations and are encapsulated in native fundamental components like WebView.

React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. 60% of businesses are already engaged in cross-platform app development services. React Native uses React to create responsive react native developers interfaces with the component-based approach, which makes it easy for developers to implement both simple and complex user interface designs. The company decided to switch to ReactJS due to its component reusability, very simple code refactoring and iterating.

  • Software development is a team sport as it requires different inputs at different stages and simultaneous completion of tasks.
  • But, if you aren’t aiming at brute-force demanding tasks, JS expertise is enough.
  • When working with us, you can have a real impact on React Native – the framework you work in.
  • Iconic is a complete open-source SDK designed for hybrid mobile development, introduced in 2013 by Drifty.
  • Learning both technologies will help you to create reusable components that will further make your code easy to maintain and readable.

If a developer has previously worked on big projects, they will be looking for a salary that is certainly higher than their previous one. However, companies do not always have to select React Native developers that command a handsome salary. They can easily look for a team of junior and middle-level developers who have experience in successfully working on projects themselves. This will ensure that they are not using all their resources on a single hire and take on more projects with a bigger team. With that said, companies cannot afford to cut corners for particular projects requiring specific knowledge and prior experience of a similar kind.

Benefits of hiring React Native developers

Turing tests developers based upon actual skills vs. self-reported experience from traditional resumes or job interviews. Every developer at Turing has to clear our tests for programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system designs, software specialization, frameworks, and more. React Native is an open-source mobile application by Facebook used to develop Android and iOS apps. It leverages the Reactjs library making it easy for Reactjs developers to dive into mobile development while maintaining the same programming language and tech stack. Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework originally introduced by Nitobi. It allows developers to build mobile apps using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript and not rely on the platform-specific APIs included in Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

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Fast refresh allows developers to run the app while updating it to new versions and modifying the UI. Changes are visible immediately, and the developer is spared from rebuilding the entire app. React Native is an open-source JavaScript platform that allows developers to contribute their knowledge to the framework’s development, which is freely accessible to all. They can integrate 90% of the native framework for reusing the code for both operational systems. As a result, Pinterest decided to include React Native permanently into its tech stack as an additional mobile development framework.

How much should you pay to React Native developers?

Now it’s used in internal structures of the company’s mobile app and webpage. Two years after the 2015 ReactJS release, Facebook created React Native. As of 2019, there were more than 204 billion mobile app downloads worldwide. Moreover, consumers spent over 23.4 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps across all platforms – and that’s in Q1 of 2020 alone.

What is a React Native Developer

Some common questions can help you assess candidates’ familiarity with React Native. Also, they can help recruiters ask technical questions that the recruiters otherwise wouldn’t know. Most importantly, we have also listed the soft skills and technical skills developers must have experience-wise when applying for the job of a React Native developer or engineer. React Native developers have to create code only once for Android and iOS applications, thereby saving the company time and money. Also, developers familiar with React JS and other JavaScript frameworks can easily learn React native. React Native – developed and presented to the world by Facebook in 2015, it works just like React, but allows you to build apps for both mobile and desktop.

Adding Editable HTML Content to a React App

Effective communication in a workplace is essential for sharing ideas and improving processes. React Native has a live reload feature that lets you see your real-time changes. Changing the source code triggers an automatic live reload, allowing you to see the results instantaneously. This helps the programmers save on compilation time, unlike in native programming languages, such as Java, which take a long time to reply.

What is a React Native Developer

Create platform-specific versions of components so a single codebase can share code across platforms. With React Native, one team can maintain multiple platforms and share a common technology—React. Interns for Android and iOS will give different results, whereas a single R.N developer will reuse the code and pre-built components for Android and iOS. So, instead of going for two different app development interns, switching to a React Native development company will be a better cost-efficient choice. There are various third-party plug-ins available for React Native that save developers the hassle of building applications from scratch, which is both hectic and expensive. Some of these plug-ins are JavaScript-based, while others are native modules.

Must Have Skills For React Native Developer

Starting with the latest release, React Native has default Flipper support from now on for React Native apps. Currently, React provides a set of native modules written in Objective-C and Java out-of-the-box. These modules can’t be reused across two platforms but they aim at higher performance in computationally heavy operations like image editing or video playback. Basically, your team can apply the existing modules or, if they have Java and Objective-C experience, write custom modules themselves. For instance, Facebook Ads Manager shares 87 percent of code across Android and iOS. Let’s reiterate – JavaScript remains one of the fastest and widely-used programming languages.

Hire a Top React Native Developer Now

So we end up with an application that uses fully native components that are controlled by JavaScript thread instead of web application placed inside WebView component. A mobile application, imagined with this framework guarantees high caliber, phenomenal execution, and streamlined user experience. Turing is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Pepsi, Johnson-Johnson, Dell, Disney, Rivian, and Coinbase.

Redux stores application state in a single object and allows every component to access application state without dealing with child components or using callbacks. The approach enabled developers to work with UI-objects faster and use hot reloading (applying changes in a real-time mode). Not only did it increase performance, but it also made programming faster. To achieve that, Facebook had to optimize the development process itself and Jordan Walke decided to do it with JavaScript. He proposed putting XHP, the Facebook markup syntax, into the JS coordinate system.

As you saw earlier in this article, React Native has tens of top tech players in its team – from Facebook, Instagram, and Walmart to SoundCloud and Skype. As a Google-bred framework, it powers not just many Google services , but also the Asian tech giant, Alibaba. This leads to the conclusion that we can expect a high level of engagement in maintaining and developing the framework by the Flutter community.

While in agencies, every team member is accountable and answerable, in freelancing, they are not. Its development companies use different tools and keep their members updated with the latest tech, unlike freelancers who use the same properties and tools in every project. Get beyond the wheel With smarter applications and data, you’ll create customer experiences that fuel your growth plans. Process tracking is an essential skill for every React Native developer. Process tracking spans can include managing code changes with version control systems and managing the backlog while working in a team.

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